Little Children on a Bicycle

Two little children
together ride a bike,
T-shirts bright against the tired white
of the backdrop:
a decaying alley
stained with splashes of slate grey
that point ghostly fingers down
at the matching concrete pavement.
Somebody put them there,
superimposed onto this
dark and dirty place coated
in a history-murky film
like vinegar pickling
a past too-fondly remembered
and never eaten.
The chalky blue mould clings
as years do.
Two smiling faces
are forever frozen on a bike;
the sun-burnished bronze of their cheeks
leaks out onto the wall
as if cleansing it of oldness
with sepia brown clouds.
Nobody dares
to whitewash it.
Where is he now,
who must have loved them
so very much
to trap them in our era?


Inspired by:  “Little Children on a Bicycle” by Ernest Zacharevic
(The first mural in this collection: