Tales of Two: The Desert and the Jungle

The desert lies so still

Though foxes make their haste,

The vulture sharpens its bill

And night has none to waste

Teeth preparing for the kill

They spare no fear, unchaste

No time to waste no time to mill

Where Darwin’s work is based

Where Murphy keeps his till

In nature there is none to waste–

Yet the desert lies still.

♦ ♦ ♦

The jungle seeks a thrill

Though snakes are not in haste

Are slow to eat their kill

Still, night is not to waste

The bird preens with its bill

These creatures – hardly chaste

No time to waste no time to mill

Where Darwin’s case is cased

Where Murphy makes his till

This nature has no time to waste–

This jungle seeks a thrill.


beyond four walls

A set of three haiku.


Bars Of Grey Steel Frame

Swathes Of Jade Bamboo That Lie

Outside The Window.



Sunlight paints gold streaks

On the classroom’s hard slate wall

Through broken shutters



patter! patter! Clouds

bombard glass with frigid shards

besiege the heater

Business with Nature

Nature slaps expiry dates on all of its creations
Flowers wilt and rivers dry – it kills its best elations!
Same it goes with somber clouds and other such frustrations
All subject to Earth and its thinly-running patience

Nature has a price for nearly all of its persuasions
Wind destroys before it whispers sultry incantations
Sand we melt to glass could also bleed us by abrasions
Stones that bear us jewels, they could crush our bone foundations

Nature though a trader lacks the shrewdness of our nations
Giving, oddly gen’rous, sometimes handing out donations
Played like some piano by our blind and deaf discretions
Now we close our inbox to its cries and ululations

engine heart

I run on unrefined emotion
And don’t prowl city streets
And do dispel the phony notion
That I hunger pity, sweet
I run on unrefined emotion
Thus, my palate coldly bitter
Thus, my blood a livid potion
Of loathing boldly pungent
I run on unrefined emotion
But slink through alleys, hidden
But set no waves into motion
I hold no rallies, speak not
I run on unrefined emotion
Love, likewise, impure
Love, likewise, an ocean
Its price – unwise, and fickle

I Guess They Need Medicine

What can you say to a troupe of such
Arrogant fools who descry that which
Agony brings to another of
Kin: ours to cherish. But cackles instead,
Feeding amusement with misery?

What can you say to a band of those
Blind and insensate to worlds out of
Self and their contentment, seeing that
Everywhere pain, it abounds and yet
Laughing like clowns in their circuses?

I sit alone watching, dolorous in musings and
Wonder if media’s to blame or
Work that education failed to do
Leaving this hapless and sickly bunch
Needing some medicine, double time.

With Nothing Left

Blund’ring through the beastly night
Torch in hand, but dwindling, dim
Left defenseless for the fight
There is nothing left in sight

Walk I do; the steps seem trite
Circling ‘round a Moebius rim
Feet a-bleeding left and right
I see nothing left in sight

Broken town so ailed by blight:
Tree of death that none can trim
Nature flaunts her monstrous might
There is nothing left but flight

Climb I do up laboured height
Sea is poisoned to the brim
Just the sky is left in sight
I see nothing left but flight.


Much is found in common

Between the ear drum and the heart

Though one bursts when done in

While the other breaks apart


Sensitive, intuitive

To shifts in mood and tone

Internal and furtive

To time and fortune prone


A precious sac, protective layer

Worn and torn by noise

Spent by hopeless prayer

Played like thankless toys

rant from under the bed

I cannot account for
the time I have been waiting
to seize the ghost of your event
and rip it off while laughing
to bottle up blue atmosphere
and give to it a number
to fence off wild environment
and tear the land asunder
I cannot describe that
which haunts your erstwhile venue
I loathe all testing and exciting
I took it off the menu
no words to give for something real
what is real is lightning
would strike me hard with cruel zeal
and kill me from the frightening.