Reality Restart

Restart with a blank slate,
But it’s still coated, with the stains and scratches of hate.
Shoot past your enemies,
Cast away your memories,
And the allies you have made.

Tonight is a requiem,
Like an acid-trip, void and glowing uranium.
Dance to the melody,
And fight to the symphony,
‘Cause this is just a lucid dream.

This can’t be the reality,
That you knew with so much clarity.
It’s too warm, and too bright,
It burns your eyes, what is this light?
But it’s soft-like the folds of your mortality.

And this can’t be the life,
That you filled with so much strife.
You must be just trying out,
Someone else’s shoes for a route,
But it’s still going- blunting away the knife
Of your paranoia.

And maybe,
It is time to restart.