Divinity- Chapter 1 (2/?)

She had attempted to ingest some human literature, one day.

The juvenile training center happened to have an entire room’s worth of too thin, too pale, paper- but she had sat there, and read, and read, and read, eyebrows scrunched together wondering how absurd those “books” could get. The ones she had picked up told of blood-sucking monsters that looked nothing like monsters, at least by the human standard of the word. They told of catatonic female juveniles of their species, who spoke artificial words and did artificial things and looked so generic it couldn’t be natural. It hurt to read those texts chock full of the same, repeated concepts and the same expressions and the same character types (but it was also fascinating-was this what humans called “art”- irritating, painful, yet somewhat intriguing at the same time?).

While she had been sifting through pages upon pages of inky text, a human male had approached her- he said she looked familiar to him, and she had replied with a vague”I must look like so many other humans” to drive the pest off. Sarcasm- it was one of the few half-decent things about human culture; an attack, but concealed within words and pointed glares and snide smiles. It wasn’t honest, but humanity was never, ever honest.

The male had shrunk into himself slightly, and had muttered his apologies and left her to her pages.

She had not thought much of his sudden appearance, and so resumed her wallowing in disgust of the human culture, of the human body(of her body).

This proved to be a miscalculation.

The male had bugged her again later in the day, and the so-called earnest twinkle in his eye reminded her of how her sister’s aura looked like- blue, naive and foolish- like the ocean. He’d apologized- something that came from his brain and the measly lump of flesh humans called a heart, and thus she could not trust this.

“You’re Madelyn Brooks, right?” he’d asked dumbly- and she had replied “I suppose you could call me such,” with a condescending lilt to her voice, attempting to communicate her disgust to him.

“I. . . knew someone who looked a lot like you. Sasha Brooks. Are you two sisters?”

Her sister. Of course.

“Something of the sort.”

She’d left quickly- after the male giving her another one of those ‘sorry for your loss’s and his name- Devan Loch.

But her sister wasn’t the only thing she’d lost, three weeks prior. She had lost herself- lost her ability to communicate from the heart, the real heart, not the human heart. She’d lost everything and she couldn’t even bother with her traitor sister at this point.

100 Words to Tell a Tale: Escapist


Dash. Turn. Jump. Slide.
Running away- it was what she did best, wasn’t it?

The room she stood in was small- but that only meant getting out would be easier, didn’t it?

A pound of the fist.

It was small, cramped- her head was spinning, round and round like a top. It hurt. Everything hurt. She had to get out.

The light was too bright- burning her retinas. She had to get out. She was stronger, when she was free. Better.

Her knuckles rammed into the wall again.

Get out. Now.

She was an escapist.


This was her end.


Repose- Chapter 3 (4/?)

The bird’s yellow feathers were mixed in with a bright blue, contrasting with the clump of greyed leaves behind it. It flitted back and forth- from leaves to drain and back to the leaves again, in an arc that looked strangely graceful- like one of the princesses Ella had read about. The princess’s name was Alice, Ella recalled- she was careful, kind and she could dance.

Ella had always wanted to learn how to dance.

She rose from her crouch, and gazed somberly towards a large building with dirty white walls and blue-grey everything else. Most of the windows were shuttered or barred up, and there were a couple of big men wearing more blue guarding the entrance. A school, the one Diane had dashed into after the children took off from their spot in the alley. Ella wanted to see her again (at least, then, she’d have another girl to talk to, even if she couldn’t hear her words. Mother always said that girls understand girls the best.)

“Hey, kid?” Tom approached from behind her, tail swishing in the sobering wind. “Hmm?”

“‘M bored,” he stretched his jaws in an exaggerated yawn. “You gonna go find your new friend anytime soon?”

Ella cast a glance at the bird- now cleaning its feathers- once more, before turning to Tom and nodding. (An easy target . . . but she couldn’t be a target if no one could see her, right?)

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