Repose- Chapter 2 (3/?)

The game those children were playing was strange, Ella thought. They stood in a circle, taking turns to stand in the middle with their fists balled up and their feet spread wide apart. All of them wore the same colours- they must have been from a school. Ella had never been to school- her mother said it would make her ‘an easy target’. School was dangerous.

But danger wouldn’t matter now, would it? Not when she was like this . . .

(But why were you running away from the monsters, Ella? Monsters are only made of danger.)

(I don’t know. I don’t know.)

Ella sat on another box, and watched the children play. There was a teenage boy with thick arms leading the game- giving stern directions and helping the ones who fell to their feet. He looked like a good person. She had seen another boy, like him- older, could have possibly been a man. He had thick arms and a small smile, and mother had called him a good person, too.

One of the two children in the center was a girl with dark hair, like Ella’s own, and with the prettiest eyes she had ever seen. The girl’s face was determined, mouth affixed into a scowl. The other child was a boy with a similar expression, brown hair blown askew by the breeze. All of the sudden, the teenager called out for them to start, and the girl struck- a sweeping kick that tripped her opponent- but not quite.

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Random Drabbles

1. Your beauty is not the same as mine

To him they all looked the same- wriggling, writhing masses of decaying flesh that attempted to disguise their disgusting bodies with strips of animal skin and plant material like the horrible little things they were. Some had swollen bulges that were declared attractive by the rest.

Most had coarse furs on certain parts of their hideous beings- some red, some brown, some yellow and some black- arranged into various configurations, some of which were worshiped, some condemned. These balls of flesh claimed that ‘true beauty’ was found within the disgustingly crimson lump hidden under their many layers of fat- but what would they know about true beauty?

General U’slegh looked on in disdain at the measly clump of rock and saltwater before him for only a moment before turning his vessel around , floating gently towards the stars, to his home, to his definition of ‘true beauty’.



2. A name

Hello. Your name? Mine is missing. Could you find it? Could you bring it back? I’d appreciate it if you tried. Perhaps you could try the toy box? Things often end up inside there, you know. There are childhood pets, friends, dolls, blankets and names. Maybe you would find a “Maria” or a “Jane” inside. A “Maria” would be quite fitting for me, don’t you agree? And perhaps you could get a “Selena” for yourself; it suits you. Best wishes, yours truly and sincerely, your nameless friend; or acquaintance, or neighbor.


3. Today.

Today I awoke, to go back to sleep.

Today I ate, to excrete.

Today I inhaled, to exhale.

Today I went out, to come back in.

Today I created, to discard.

Today I lived, to die.


4. Perspective

This evening, I sat down on my favourite chair and read a newspaper for an hour. My dog was looking at me strangely.

This evening, someone picked me up and stared at me for an hour. It was awkward.

This evening, my master stared at a toy for an hour without biting it. I was awed at his self-control.

This evening, something sat on me for an hour. It hurt.



Repose- Chapter 1 (2/?)

AN: Thanks for all the support! Here’s the next rather short chapter of this story. Hope you enjoy it. Criticism is very much appreciated.


Ella had been trudging slowly down the path for some time now- blue night gown brushing the cold ground like a forgotten wisp lost in the darkness. Sometimes she thought she could hear the stuffed toy humming soft lullabies that her mother used to sing to her before bed time, and it reminded her of how much she wanted to give in- let herself fall to the ground and close her eyes [but if she did that, wouldn’t people find her and hurt her? (or have they already done so?)]

Her steps slowed, and Ella realized with a sense of shock that she had no idea where she was (but she also had no idea where she was supposed to be and how she could go there). The path seemed very unfamiliar- grey and light instead of red- and her neighbourhood certainly did not have soggy boxes stacked on top of each other like building blocks. Her mother had always told her to stay out of the dark– but Ella didn’t belong to her mother anymore, she didn’t belong in that house or in that room- she was sure of it. So, she curled up in one of the bigger boxes and waited- finding that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t sleep.

It took only a while of waiting (daydreaming- trying to pretend she was back in the library reading about wizards and fairies) before Ella heard a voice.

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Repose- Prologue (1/?)

AN: This is a quick thing I wrote based off this theme that I got from Seventh Sanctum: dystopia/utopia afterlife. It’s a sort of introduction for a multi-chaptered story and I do plan to continue it- but it’ll be great if you could give me some criticism or ideas. Thanks in advance!


The bedroom was always quiet at night- the fan spinning round and round (like clockwork, like memories), the lamp glowing softly (green light to pink light to yellow to white). Ella didn’t like to come out from under the covers because her mother wouldn’t let her close the windows (and open windows meant monsters could sneak in from the pitch black outside). So, there she stayed underneath thick cotton as if it was a shield (but it couldn’t protect her, nothing could).

Then, one night the electricity went out, and Ella only curled in tighter deep down under the blankets.

Something came in through her window, she was sure of it- but that was the last thing she was sure of before everything faded (no, it didn’t fade, it crumbled) into nothing.

At some point she’d gone outside, certainly- why else would she be standing in the pitch black, clutching her little stuffed toy like it was all she had. Ella had tried to get back in- get back into the little huddled form under the red soaking covers where she belonged, where she was only a few minutes ago. But no matter how hard she tried, she simply couldn’t get her hand to slip back into its fleshy shell- so she cried. Just stood there sobbing into the fur of her plush cat like a small child.

At some other point she’d walked through the front door (not out, through- why? Why?), let her bare feet touch the soft grass and walked on- out the garden her parents had never let her set foot on before, walked down the pavement she’d only watched from the inside of the house where it was safe (but the fading red roof and tiled floors didn’t feel safe anymore- not with the red that stained it so much).